How do we work?

CryptoXchanger algorithm does everything

Once a customer requests a currency exchange, our custom designed algorithm checks all the online exchanges we are signed up to and picks up the best price. At the same time the algorithm does the technical analysis to see whether the desired currency’s trend is UP or DOWN.

If the trend is downward - our bot sends the coins to the customer from our resources and puts used currency into a monitor, checking when that currency reaches its bottom. Once the algorithm calculates that trend might be changed to upwards - our bot purchases the currency and adds it to our resources. In this case, we earn twice: on a coin price difference and 0.5% fee for the transaction. It is worth mentioning that all coins obtained from the fee are always added to our accounts, continually increasing our supplies.

In a different scenario - when a currency is in the upward trend. In this case, our bot purchases the currency immediately from the external exchange and sends it to the customer. Our algorithm at the same time calculates the probability if it's profitable to buy some more of this currency and sell it for a profit. Our BUY/SELL bot, in this case, is set up to earn small profits of between 2%-5% but when we do it several times a day - the gain is significant.

Let's see the example: