BTC Lending closed, thank you!

Posted at Mon, Nov 13th 2017, 14:27

As it can be seen on the Roadmap, we've planned to close BTC deposits in Q1 2018 and allow only EXCC lendings. We didn't expect so much interest from customers in the BTC Investments, and our internal supplies have been successfully filled already.
Unfortunately, it means that we have to stop taking new Investments in BTC. All the ongoing Investments will continue to work until they reach 150% and the plan is completed. At this point, we'd like to remind that the daily accruals added to your balance can be used to purchase EXCC coins in ICO sale.

CryptoXchanger Team is working hard on the EXCC Lending Program right now. We've already announced that Program will launch soon after ICO ends. Conditions can be found on the

The work on EXCC wallets and improvements are also in progress. CryptoXchanger is in contact with a few external exchanges already, and we are talking about listing EXCC on their sites. We hope to appear on the first exchange in late December, maybe early January.

Thank you all for the participation
Best Regards
CryptoXchanger Team