Important information before ICO sale.

Posted at Sun, Nov 12th 2017, 14:26

Dear Investors

We want to give you an update and some useful information just before our ICO launch. Those are few rules which might help you while we well enable ICO sales.

1. The minimum purchase amount is 50 EXCC coins. The maximum purchase amount is 1000 EXCC coins per transaction. Once you reach the limit, you will be able to make another purchase after 24 hours.

2. There is a reserve system in place. It will reserve your EXCC once blockchain gets a notification about your transaction. So please keep in mind that your coins are reserved not after you click the BUY button, but only after the transaction shows up in BTC blockchain. That's why we do not recommend sending money from exchanges or trading markets but the wallets. Once the operation hit your account, we will wait for at least one confirmation and then release your EXCC purchase. Coins will be reserved even with no BTC confirmations. For ICO sale we accept only BTC payments.

3. If you have any account balance available (from the investment part), you can combine those funds while purchasing EXCC.

4. Please don't try to cheat the system like trying to make multiple purchases at the same time. We have a security system in place which won't allow you to do that, even if you send the money. Remember that we have six batches of EXCC sale and you will be able to get yours.

We also get a lot of questions about our lending program so here are some details.

1. Lending program will be launched soon after ICO sale ends.

2. Lendings will be available in ExchangeCoin (EXCC) only. The daily interest rate will depend on the amount invested and on the successful rate work of CryptoXchanger algorithm.

3. We will allow exchanging EXCC accruals inside CryptoXchanger at latest ICO price, that is 1 EXCC = 0.00021 BTC. Only the accruals will be allowed to exchange.

4. Once EXCC appears on the external exchanges, holders will be able to exchange their coins only on the outer markets.