• What is CryptoXchanger

    CryptoXchanger is an online cryptocurrency exchange service that offers investment opportunities. It is a safe and straightforward way you can buy any crypto coin you desire. You can also join our investment program and gain a passive profit. More information can be found in How It Works and Investment tabs.

  • What is ExchangeCoin (EXCC)

    ExchangeCoin is a newly designed cryptocurrency coin that is announced to create a blockchain based cryptocurrency exchange. An Initial Coin Offering is also announced and 6 mln coins are going for sale. Also, CryptoXchanger customers will receive EXCC as a bonus for their investments. For more information about ICO and EXCC check our ICO website.

  • Is my data protected? Is your site safe to use

    We use your email address only to let you log in on the site. We also use it to send you relevant notifications from the system, and occasionally the newsletter to keep you up to date with the latest news from the site. Your password is encrypted and sealed, so we have no option to see it. Also, we use advanced DDoS protection along with the most secure, custom script which has been tested by several auditing companies and scored as an entirely safe product to manage.

  • How do we earn money

    Simply saying - we earn on exchange fees (0.5%) and thanks to our custom designed algorithm that always uses the best possible option when purchasing coins. Visit our Investment tab to see more information.

  • Do you charge for any services

    Registration is free. CryptoXchanger charges a 0.5% transaction fee when a customer buys new coins using our exchanger. We do not charge for our investment service. Withdrawals are also free of charge.

  • How can I join you

    We are happy that you want to be the part of team! Just click on the Sign-up button on top of the page, provide your email address (a valid one), type your password and that's it! You don't need to give any more data. Also, you don't need to confirm your email address.


  • How quickly my deposit will start working

    Bitcoin transactions require 3 blockchain confirmations before the deposit is automatically added to your account and you start earning. You will receive the accruals every 24hrs.

  • How much can I earn and how long will it take

    Every deposit works until it reaches 150% (that is 50% profit). We pay daily between 2% and 6% therefore minimum investment time is 25 days and maximum 75 days.

  • When will I get my principal back

    Your principal is included in daily accruals and it will not be returned once you reach 150% profit.

  • What currencies do you accept

    In our investing platform, we do accept only BTC and EXCC (soon). However, you can deposit in any currency that is supported by our exchanger, and the currency will be automatically exchanged into BTC and deposited.

  • How often I can withdraw and how long does it take to process my withdrawal request

    You can withdraw your money at any time as long as you have the minimum of 0.001BTC on your balance. Every withdrawal request is handled automatically and instantly.

  • How much can I invest

    The minimum deposit accepted by our platform is 0.01 BTC. There is no maximum, so you can invest as much as you like.

  • Can I have more than one deposit

    Yes, the number of deposits is unlimited, but each one is treated separately. It means that you might receive accruals from your deposits at different times.

  • How can I get an EXCC bonus

    We offer a bonus EXCC to each new BTC deposit made in our investment platform. The bonus is limited as we have only secure 2 million EXCC for this purpose. We will automatically add a 5% EXCC to your account from every new investment you make, investing 1 BTC (and taking 1 BTC = $5000) you will receive a free 250 EXCC (if 1 EXCC = $1). You do not have to worry about all the calculations. Our algorithm will do it for you.

  • Can I earn without any active investments? Do you have an affiliate program?

    You don’t need to have an active investment to earn from our affiliate program. You will receive a reward for each new deposit made by your referees. The commission depends on your status. All participants receive an 7% - 2% - 1% affiliate commission whilst Partners receive a 10% - 5% - 2% - 1%.

  • How to become a Partner

    Partner status is reserved for the participants who show a great interest in popularizing our services. The best candidate has experience in promotions and has at least a dozen referrals. If you are interested in becoming our Partner, please send us a Support ticket, giving us your contact details and some additional information about yourself or you can just fill in an application after you login into your account under Referrals - Representative Application link.


  • How can I secure my account

    In addition to your password, you can set up a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) that is one of the most secure online features. You can also choose your own PIN code which we will ask for while logging, withdrawing and editing your settings.

  • Do I have to activate my account

    No, we do value anonymity and we do not require that you give us your real data. Account activation is not needed. We advise, however, for you to provide us with a valid email address, as it will be used to log in to your account and to communicate.

  • Can I have more than one account

    One email address can be associated with only one account.

  • Can I access more than one account from the same place

    Yes, we do not monitor IP addresses, therefore more than one person can log in from that same place. We forbid, however, for you to do multi-accounts to receive an affiliate commission. If anyone is caught in doing such an unethical practice, they will be banned, and their funds will be blocked.

  • Can I change my email or wallet address

    No, you cannot change your email address, but you can change your wallet address whenever you want.

ExchangeCoin & ICO

  • What is EXCC

    ExchangeCoin is a coin announced to raise funds and create the blockchain based exchange. For more information see the ICO page.

  • How many EXCC are there for sale

    We allocate 6 million EXCC coins for ICO and 2 million coins for bonuses to CryptoXchange investors. The remaining coins will be available to mine. See Whitepaper for more information.

  • How can I earn on EXCC

    There are many possibilities on how to earn on EXCC. First of all, an ICO price is really low and once we add EXCC to an exchange, its price should multiple many times. Anybody who tracks the market has seen this many times. Another possibility is to accumulate EXCC and earn from dividends once our blockchain exchange is working. Also, we plan to start a lending program in the near future to allow our holders to earn additional income.

  • Is there an affiliate program associated with EXCC ICO

    Yes, a CryptoXchanger affiliate commissions applies to ICO investments. Any participant will receive 7% - 2% - 1% from their referrals' purchases, and Partners will receive 10% - 5% - 2% - 1%.

  • When I will receive my EXCC

    EXCC purchased during ICO are stored in CryptoXchanger wallets. You will be able to transfer your coins over once we release the Windows, OSX and Linux wallets, or when we appear on the exchanges.

  • Can I sent EXCC to somebody

    Nobody can transfer any EXCC before the ICO is over. We will inform holders once transactions are available.