• How does it work?

    CryptoXchanger purchases the desired cryptocurrency for you at the best possible rate and sends it to your wallet. For more details check the How It Works tab.

  • Why are CryptoXchanger rates not fixed?

    The cryptocurrency market is extraordinarily dynamic, and prices can change even a couple percentage within minutes. That is why exchange price displayed is not guaranteed and can be either lower or higher.

  • What is wallet address?

    Wallet is a unique digital store where you can keep your cryptocurrencies. Wallet addresses are a unique and consist of a randomly generated set of numbers and letters. A wallet address is used to receive coins.

  • What is recipient's address?

    For each transaction, there is always a sender and receiver. Recipient's address is the address you want us to send you your new currency.

  • What is the minimum and maximum amount I can buy?

    There are no minimum amount restrictions in CryptoXchanger, but remember: we do charge 0.5% fee for each transaction. Also, the amount you send and receive should be enough to cover all blockchain transaction fees. There are also restrictions to maximum amounts sent.

  • Can I cancel my transaction?

    Blockchain transactions cannot be aborted. Once you place an order you agree to T&C. We strongly advise checking all the details twice before sending money.

  • Why is the amount I received different than displayed?

    Each cryptocurrency transaction requires blockchain confirmations (sometimes it takes 10min and sometimes longer). For a volatile currency market, this time is crucial, and the final price might be surprising. We always advise paying fair mining fees to speed up transaction confirmations.

  • Why I haven’t received my coins yet even though I have already paid?

    There might be a few reasons:
    - Your payment might be stuck in blockchain and is awaiting confirmations. In this case, you can increase the transaction fee if your wallet allows you to do it. You can also provide us transaction TX and we will check to see what we can do.
    - ETH and ETC address mixed. Both Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) have that same address structure. Make sure you do not mix them when sending or receiving coins, as your transaction will be invalid.
    - Wrong XEM message - When sending XEM coins make sure you send a correct message. It is a combination of numbers and letters and is indicated here.
    - Other issues. Our system is working almost reliably, but some errors might occur. If you think something is not right, do not hesitate to contact us.