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CryptoXchanger is not an ordinary cryptocurrency exchange. It is a modern, well-designed platform that, besides buying cryptocurrencies, offers excellent opportunities for their customers to earn some money. We do not want to stay behind the others, and that is why we continuously develop. We've already introduced innovations like bonuses in our coin EXCC, but it is just the beginning. The current investing model is only the first step of our journey. Along with the investment platform, we announced an ICO that offers additional opportunities to multiply your income. Explore our site, enjoy and earn with us.

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Feel free to use our calculator that will show you how much you will earn at the end of your investment. Remember that CryptoXchanger offers variable daily accruals from 2-6% and your deposit is included in that accruals. Average return time is about 40 days.
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You don't need to have an active investment to earn some money with us. We offer a very generous affiliate program, and we hope that high referral commissions will encourage our users to promote and popularize CryptoXchanger around the world. If you want to become our Partner and gain even higher commissions, send us a request, and we will get back to you shortly. The best candidate should have previous experience in promotions and at least a few active referrals already.
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News from the company
2017-11-22 14:53:52
Upcoming ICO sale announcement.

Firstly, we would like to thank you all for participating in the recent ICO sales. Our community grows up very quickly, and that is why we were having some technical issues during the 2nd ...

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2017-11-19 19:43:45
Simple rules for successful purchase of EXCC

Dear Investors, this is quick guideline how to participate in today's ICO round:1. The best option is to keep your page open on the dashboard. Once the countdown timer reaches 0, you will see the BUY ...

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2017-11-19 08:31:43
Status update - please read

Dear communityFirst of all, we would like to apologize for our server's crash during the 2nd round of our ICO. Let us the summary and explain what happened.As most of you know, the 1st round of ICO we...

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